2 People wrote to us:
  1. If you own a Saab, there is no better mechanic in the world to be fixing it. I had an 84 Saab Turbo that he kept running as long as he could! Walter always worked with my budget and told me what I needed and what I didn’t need. There is no one I trust more than Walter and the crew. Honestly! Do yourself a favor and take your car here.

    June 14, 2016
  2. went to Walter’s for the first time. Love the place. Will be back soon

    May 11, 2016

What Our Customers Say?

  • He gave me many options.

    JODI W.

    Last Wednesday night I returned from a business trip at 11pm and my car broke down in the LAX terminal. Within minutes a tow truck was hooked up and I didn’t know where to take the car. I frantically called around to mechanics and ended up calling the Right Solution. They had an after-hours number, which I called and Walter, the owner, answered. He let me tow the car to his shop at midnight! Walter was my savior in this desperate moment. Walter called me the next morning with a full inspection completed and diagnosis of all the problems. He gave me many options ranging from the minimums to get the car running again, to the full works. He was thorough in explaining the problems to me (I know nothing of cars). To ensure the pricing was reasonable, I called up another mechanic to ask an approximate price for the work I needed to have done. They estimated almost twice as much as the Right Solution did!

In addition, Walter said my clutch had worn oddly and asked if I’d been parking on hills, which I had. In order to avoid burning my clutch again, he had one of his technicians train me how to use the emergency brake when driving my stick shift on steep hills. The Right Solution is honest, thorough, friendly, and offers stellar customer service. I will always bring my car to the Right Solution in the future!

  • Pleasure to do business with.


    Our family owns a 1994 Saab. Walter and his staff are so professional and honest they are a pleasure to do business with. They do not recommend extra fixes but keep our car running without spending an arm and a leg. One can call and describe an issue and get help over the phone. What a treat to have a shop like this in LA Thank You Walter and staff.


They are very honest, kind, and caring.

    SEAN H.

    This is your dream car mechanic, especially if you own a Saab.

 I started coming here in 2009 when my 9-3 sport sedan was making awful noises from the suspension. Saab of Sherman Oaks said I needed new wheel bearings on the front left and right, and that parts + labor were $750 each side ($1500!). Brought it in to Walter for a second opinion. He told me it was only the left side that needed replaced, and the parts and labor (OEM part, fyi) through him was closer to $500. He said I was about 12,000 miles away from needing new brake pads and rotors though. And since the wheel bearing/hub assembly sits right next to the rotor, he suggested I get them done at the same time and save myself an hour of labor. So he sent me on my way, with no bill. I came back about 12,000 miles later and he did it all together. Pads, rotors, bearings, and I was about $800 out the door!

Since that day, I come back here for all of my service. Every time I get an oil change, they top off all my fluids and give me a run down of my car’s health. I get a printout saying “about 7000 miles on front break pads; about 25,000 miles on rear break pads; there is a small nail in your back right tire, take it to your tire dealer and get it fixed.” Really, really thorough. I even came here to get extra keys for my car, and he charges about 1/2 what the dealer charges.

They are very honest, kind, and caring. It really feels great to support this family business that has treated me so well.

  • They. Simply. Rock.


    Ok, I know a good mechanic when I see one. This is one. They. Simply. Rock. and they gave me cookies.

  • I’m taking my car here each time.

    PAOLO I.

    Walter and his crew are honest, courteous and professional. 
I’m not gonna go into details about the work done but I’m taking my car here each time. Even for just an oil change. 

 Thank you Walter and the Right Solution crew for being there for us people who don’t know anything about cars. Thank you for not taking advantage of this fact. I will tell everyone I know about your business.

  • Why take you car anywhere else?

    DREW G.

    Never had great service like this from a mechanic before. Never. First thing Walter did was to ask us if we had any questions or concerns with the car. Then, he took us under the car and explained, part by part, how the car is doing and approximately how far in the future some additional service would be needed. Service was quick, friendly, and down to earth. Why take you car anywhere else? Oh, and thanks to Yelp for making it possible to find places like this, which, unlike a good restaurant, can be very difficult to find!

  • In at 8:00am out by 8:45am!

    Walter wasn’t in this morning. I needed some work done on the ol’ 9-5. Hugo, one of Walter’s more reliable guys approached me in the same manner Walter would’ve. He identified the problem, EXPLAINED the problem and how needs to be repaired. In at 8:00am out by 8:45am! Topped off my fluids and checked over the other stuff that needed to checked. I love this place! and I will never go anywhere else!
  • Gotta say customer service is excellent

    KESH K.
    So today I took my 08 Audi for brake work.
 Gotta say customer service is excellent.
Everyone is really friendly and no hassle on getting xtra work.
technicians gave me his best opinion and they even dropped me off to work so for me 2 thumbs up.
$200 for front brake pads.
  • This is a highly regarded place to take your Saab.

    SCOTT H.
    Los Angeles has a few good Saab mechanics. Walter is unique though.
 I’ve never been to a mechanic that approached repairs in this fashion. He insists on spending extensive time going over your car with you, foot by foot. When you are finished, you get a full state of the union on your car. He’ll give you a list of items he suggests you replace and what timeline he suggests you replace them in. He encourages you to shop online for parts and bring the parts to him or even buy secondhand. You’re an active part of the process here. 

 Walter does not attempt to up-sell you, and clearly has a passion for Saabs. He has to be the most reasonable Saab mechanic cost-wise I’ve ever taken my car to–that’s for sure. 

 Walter does not replace what does not need replacing like many other shops do. For that reason when its time for a mileage service, 60k, 100k, etc., I really like bringing my car here. He’s not following a list of items and blindly replacing them all. He looks at each part’s condition with you and you make a decision what stays and what goes. 

 In any case, this is a highly regarded place to take your Saab, especially if you’re a little bit of a gearhead and enjoy learning a bit more about your car.

Am surprised a bit by the handful of negative reviews here–but the shop does have an unusual feel and style. I can understand the one reviewers complaint about not feeling like the center of attention. The shop is swamped all the time and Walter does have to hop around a lot. That is one drawback I suppose.
  • Amazing. I only spent $20.

    This place is more than you could hope for. 

 I brought in my car because I thought I needed new brakes. Hugo put my Audi up on the rack and then personally walked me through the underside of my car and explained that I absolutely did not need new brakes at all. He showed me that one of my shocks was mushy, but said I should go to the dealer because my car is under warranty. He then brought the car down, and without my asking he gave my engine the once-over. In the meantime, Walter, the owner, introduced himself and Hugo notified us that my oil is low. Walter suggested that I take the car to the dealer (I have free oil changes while under warranty) but I insisted I’d rather buy some oil to top it off from them. Then Walter took my car out for a drive with me to make sure that it runs correctly and there’s no funny noises. He then pulled over and explained to me why my car requires a better grade of gas. When we returned, Hugo reattached my front license plate (it was sitting on the floor of the passenger side of my car.) All in all, they spent nearly an hour with me checking out my car and taking the time to give me a thorough explanation of its finer points. Amazing. I only spent $20, and that was because I insisted on buying some oil from them. It’s obvious Walter takes great pride in giving great service, and the rest of the gentlemen that work there seem to share this sentiment. I’m flat out amazed by these guys. This is some of the best customer service I’ve ever received anyplace, anywhere. And the fact that it’s from a car mechanic, where I’m usually out of my element and uncertain if I’m getting the straight story…

 I heart Right Solution. And I wholeheartedly recommend them.

 P.S. I talked to another customer who said that they rebuilt a starter for him, and charged him one-fifth the cost of the dealer. Over-the-top service for an affordable price!